Cruze Series

Cruze 2.5KVA – 10KVA

With Luminous Cruze UPS, you get a power back-up solution that can run everything! It’s the perfect solution for homes and small businesses (such as restaurants, clinics, petrol pumps, etc.). Cruze UPS can run sensitive and heavy load equipment in addition to meeting regular lighting requirements. Some homes and commercial establishments have higher power needs, whilst some face frequent power cuts which hamper the overall performance of appliances.

Luminous higher KVA solutions offer high quality and reliable power back-up solutions for running such loads, meeting such needs and handling such equipment.

Pro Series 3Ph

With Luminous Pro range of UPS systems, you get an advanced solution that simply doesn’t stop during power cuts! It’s the perfect solution if you’re running electronic appliances, sensitive machinery, medical equipment, or have heavy power requirements. Examples of specialist needs, for the Pro Series of solutions, are mentioned below.


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